Huawei Watch D

Before Christmas Day, Huawei is set to introduce the Honor P50 Pocket. It is believed to be the Chinese OEM’s next foldable phone with a clamshell design. Rumor has it Huawei will also announce a new smartwatch known as the Huawei Watch D. The wearable is said to feature a blood pressure monitor. Related details have been consistent the past few weeks so we believe it will happen. A slew of hands-on photos have appeared and they tell us the watch will definitely have advanced health monitoring features.


The Huawei Watch D hands-on photos include a glimpse of the watch worn on the wrist. It appears to be being tested in real life.

The smartwatch comes with a square dial with a curved scene. We see a couple of physical buttons positioned on the right edge of the watch body.

Blood pressure monitoring is a special feature. This means the smartwatch can check the wearer’s BP and pulse. Data can be almost accurate with an integrated internal pressurized bladder bag. If not that accurate, it’s still good enough for quick checking.

The watch also offers ECG measurement as described. A medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) can check a person’s heart rhythm that can possibly detect Atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Huawei Watch D Launch

With the health monitoring features, the Huawei Watch D can probably compete with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. That one is also loaded with health and fitness trackers. If you see those health data the smartwatch can collect, then you can make adjustments to your lifestyle or diet.


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