Huawei Watch D User Guide

Huawei has yet to reveal its new smartwatch offering but a number of details and images have surfaced. Hands-on photos were leaked ahead of market release. We mentioned the wearable device would arrive with BP monitor. The blood pressure reader feature is confirmed and now a user guide video has surfaced. The Huawei Watch D is expected to arrive together with the Huawei P50 Pocket foldable clamshell phone, MateBook X Pro, and Smart Glasses. Official launch of these products will be on December 23.

The Huawei Watch D user guide video demonstrates how blood pressure is measured using the smartwatch. The video reveals the watch will actually come with a number of accessories. We see a body, airbags in different sizes, and variety of straps.

We also see a charger, ruler to measure wrist circumference, and of course, a user guide. The demo video tells us the wrist circumference must be measured. This is so you can have the matching size strap and airbag. When you need to check the BP, you can simply make adjustments.

The Huawei Watch D has a button you need to double-click when you want to measure the blood pressure. Make sure you are quiet and in the correct position when checking your BP. The right position should be: palms on the shoulder, feet flat, elbows with support, and heart at the same height.

Huawei WATCH D can check the user’s pulse and ECG. It can determine if the wearer’s high pressure and low pressure.

Other specs features of the smartwatch include 4GB of storage and Bluetooth connectivity. The device is said to cost 2998 RMB which is about $470 so yes, it won’t be cheap.


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