Ever since Google officially started rolling out the Android 9.0 Pie update, the next guessing game was when will it actually arrive for non-Google smartphones. By now most of us already know that we shouldn’t wait with bated breath as there are so many other layers of approval for the devices to go through before they receive the update. For Huawei users, particularly those with the P20, it looks like the arrival of the latest major Android update is imminent, as announced on their Twitter account.

The tweet from Huawei Mobile’s official account said that owners of the Huawei P20 should get ready that their apps will become a lot faster as the Android 9.0 Pie will roll out soon. Furthermore, they confirmed the unsurprising news that EMUI 9.0 will run on top of it. The tweet also shows a GIF “proving” that your P20 will get a 16% quicker app start and a 12.9% increase in smoother systems operation.

After the P20 gets Pie-d, the Mate 10 will follow suit. Some other devices that have been certified at the WiFi Alliance will probably follow that path as well. These devices include the P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro but for some reason, others in their series are not included in that initial list, like the P20 Lite and the Mate 10 Lite. That doesn’t mean of course that they won’t be upgraded but maybe they’ll be in the next batch.

Other devices that are in the pipeline to receive the Android Pie update include the Mate 10 Porsche Design, Mate RS Porsche Design, Honor 10, Honor V10, and Honor Play. But again, there is no firm timeline as to when these will get the update so you’ll just have to wait but hopefully in the next few months or even before the year ends.

But what can you expect from your phone when it gets updated to Pie? For one, you get even better controls with your notifications and you’ll see which ones are useless or bother you the most. It will even suggest which ones you should just turn off since you seem to dismiss them often. The accessibility menu is also more helpful and a Lockdown Mode can temporarily block fingerprint and face authentication. These are just some of the many things you can expect once you receive the update.