We’ve heard a bit of rumor about Huawei and Mobile World Congress up until this point. Some of the earlier chatter included mention of a smartwatch, a pair of smartphones, and even a tablet. While Huawei hasn’t offered up any sort of specific announcement list, they have recently dropped a teaser video. And interestingly, it appears Huawei is doing the teasing using Siri.

The video is asking the question about “what’s new at this year’s MWC?” Again, there isn’t a specific device list here, but there was mention of a tablet and a smartphone. The details were light for both of these devices and included only some brief teasers for each. Notably, in regards to the design, battery and front-facing camera.

The tablet is said to be sporting a “beautiful slim design” and packing a “huge battery that gives you days of use.” The smartphone only had mention of an “amazing front camera.” In total there were three devices mention in this teaser, the previously mentioned tablet and smartphone, as well as a “new multimedia tablet.”

For this last one, Huawei has said “this amazing device can even support the next generation LTE network.” Further chatter on the multimedia tablet included how it will be able to provide the “ultimate entertainment experience.” There was a brief look at a speaker, but it remains unclear whether that speaker is one of a pair, or whether it sits on the front or back of the device.

Things then close with a not-so-subtle mention of Apple and Samsung, referring to them as FRUIT and SOMESONG respectively. But perhaps key for the message Huawei is attempting to push here, it was said “it looks like Huawei is ready to amaze the world again.” And this is all leading up to confirmation of the “Unlock Possibilities” event that Huawei will be holding during Mobile World Congress. For reference, the event will take place at 3PM on February 23rd.