T-Mobile currently has the Huawei Prism as a no-annual contract device and assuming this latest leak proves accurate — the carrier will soon be launching the follow up device. The recent leak is showing the Huawei U8686, which will launch with T-Mobile as the Prism II. We have yet to see if this will land in the post-paid or pre-paid lineup, however we expect that it will be low priced either way.

That low price assumption is based on two factors — the specs and the price of the currently available Prism. T-Mobile has the Prism available for $149.99, or for $69.99 if you are willing to pick it up refurbished. This leak didn’t include a full set of specs, but it did come along with an image of the front and backside of the device. You can get a look at the handset in all its glory above.

Nothing all that exciting from the image. The handset has the three capacitive buttons, one for back, home and menu and is lacking a front-facing camera. There is however a rear-facing camera of unknown megapixels. Specs for the handset look to include Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean along with a 1.0GHz processor and HVGA quality display.

The leak has yet to specify a display size, however we are thankful that it will at least be launching with Jelly Bean. The previous Huawei Prism, which launched a while back, did so with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. While we wait for an announcement from T-Mobile, we also realize that if some recent rumors come true, the point about the Prism II launching as a post-paid or pre-paid device will not matter. If you remember back to last week, T-Mobile rumors were suggesting that contracts would soon be a thing of the past.

[via Twitter @evleaks]