We’re not sure what’s happening here but Huawei is reportedly deleting images downloaded from Twitter. There’s a long thread on Reddit right now that talks about the issue of the top Chinese OEM and its sub-brand Honor removing some images from the microblogging site. Someone reported that a Huawei phone owner in China got an image deleted by the phone’s OS. This issue was shared on a Hong Kong forum. A similar incident is believed to have happened in Taiwan.

Is Huawei blocking Twitter? We don’t think it’s possible but you know, with these mobile OEMs, anything can be done. The Twitter app installed on Huawei devices is believed to be exhibiting unusual behavior like delete photos even after saving them.

A message that says “Twitter has deleted a photo from Gallery” shows up. So are photos being blocked now? Huawei could be blocking them for a reason but Huawei said it’s not.

What happens is that Twitter moves the images to a certain folder. The images are then moved to File Manager/picture/Twitter. It’s a new location so you have nothing to worry about if you are an avid Twitter app user with a Huawei smartphone.

Huawei has been asked several times about the problem. It did some investigation and found out a certain version of Twitter simply creates a folder, moves the image there, and then deletes in the background. This then alerts Huawei and triggers the image protection alert. A user may think it’s gone but it’s just there.

It’s not a glitch either but it’s just the way a Huawei phone Gallery sees the photos and how Twitter works with an image in the background.

VIA: Reddit