China-based gadget manufacturer Huawei certainly courted controversy when they released their new flagship, the Huawei P9 with a dual-lens camera whose technology was purportedly designed by German lens specialists Leica. But controversy aside, the camera module is still an improvement if you consider the Huawei P8 that came before it.


Mobile camera standards are DxOMark’s thing, and they ran their measures against the Huawei P9’s dual-lens camera. They still gave it a decent overall score of 80, putting it on the 8th spot among the top mobile cameras on smartphones which is currently ruled by the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. That overall score gives it a significant 6-point increase over the Huawei P8 which scored 74 with DxOMark’s standards.


The P9 scored high on mobile still imaging, getting an element score of 84. The P9 can basically be trusted to give you great images in bright conditions, but will struggle in darker milieus. As per usual, it was the video element score that dragged down the P9’s average, getting 72. Still that is an improvement from the P8’s 66 video element score.


Even with the Leica name – and design, as Huawei claims – the Huawei P9 still can’t break into the top 5 of mobile device’s cameras. A lot of people were actually excited for the dual-lens camera to actually make a big splash in the industry, but it ended up being a source of controversy. That said, it’s still has a pretty decent camera altogether, but there are still a lot of other units out there better than it.



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