Whenever a supposed major new device comes out from a major smartphone maker, you can expect a lot of rumors and leaks to come out and by the time it is actually announced, we feel like we know the device in and out already. We’ve seen a lot of new for the Huawei P9 lately, and the latest one, just a few days away from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, shows what is supposedly the latest and last design of the upcoming smartphone.

The P9 is expected to be launched, not at the MWC, but just a little after that this month or maybe even early next month. But someone has leaked what it will look like in its final design, 2D-wise. What is obvious from the pictures is that it has a metal body, dual camera design, and more importantly for some, a fingerprint scanner both for security and mobile payment opportunities and other things you can do with this biometric.


The leaked image also shows that the P9 will come in various colors, specifically gold, white, pink, and grey, which seem to be really popular colors for gadgets these days. It has a dual camera (which is not really a surprise) but also comes with dual LED flash and auto-focus. Based on the front screen, it will stick with the onscreen Android navigation but with a system based on their Emotion UI.


It is expected that the Huawei P9 will have a 5.2-inch FHD display powered by the Kirin 955 chipset. It will have a 4GB RAM and 2900mAH battery. The camera isn’t that great though, with a 12 megapixel main shooter while the front-facing one is at 8MP. No rumors yet as to the pricing and availability of course.


VIA: Giz China