Huawei is said to skip the Mobile World Congress this year. Together with LG, the top Chinese OEM won’t be launching its new flagship phone. That’s what we’ve been saying the past few weeks and now we’ve got information the company is launching flagship devices in a special event in Paris. It’s not happening in Barcelona since the press invite says March 27. The company may show off only one P20 variant and it could be the Huawei P20 Lite according to an FCC certification recently sighted.

The document presents an illustration that shows the notch, battery size, and dimensions. The Huawei P20 Lite will most likely come with a 6-inch screen, 2280 x 1080 resolution, and a 2900mAh battery. Display aspect ratio is 19:9 which is bigger than the usual 18:9. We’re assuming that is almost bezel-less since dimensions are 148 x 70mm wide.

No details on the cameras but the Huawei P20 is believed to have vertical three rear cameras. This P20 Lite could be different with dual rear cameras or maybe just one. This could only be the Lite variant because of the small capacity battery.

The FCC filing is an indication that a phone will be released soon in the United States. Before that happens, Huawei will make the official announcement in Europe where it is more welcome compared to in the US.