After months of speculation and guessing, recently posted docs from the FCC show that Huawei and T-Mobile will be introducing the new MyTouch. Though not a lot of information is given, there are some basic specs that are given for the approval. These include supporting the 850/1700/1900 UMTS bands, Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

The Huawei U8680, as it is called, most likely won’t be out anytime before this summer. Huawei has requested a hold from March 7 for a 180 days on the release of any documents from being made public. When the phone comes out, as we are quite confident now that it will, it will be T-Mobile’s third manufacturer in a little over a year having gone with HTC and LG previously.

We have been hearing these rumors for some time now and have even seen some in field testing. With the strides that Huawei has been making into the high-end phone market over seas, hopefully T-Mobile will have another prime phone to offer.Check out some of our previous stories on the new MyTouch and let us know what you think.

[via TmoNews]