Huawei Mobile Business

Huawei still remains as the number 2 mobile brand in the world. It continues to do what it needs to do in order to be the top OEM in the world. No doubt Huawei is Samsung’s biggest rival in the tech industry. It’s not only in the mobile market that the two have been competing. They fight in many other businesses. When it comes to the mobile business, Huawei is facing a lot of challenges especially since Google announced that it’s cutting off some business with the Chinese company.

It was in response to the US trade ban where American firms are told to stop dealing with Huawei. It’s been almost a quarter since the issue went big but we were soon affirmed Huawei could still do business the American companies. Surprisingly, Google extended Huawei’s license until August. The deadline is today but what do you know, the government is believed to be giving Huawei another 90 days so Huawei could buy products from American suppliers.

Huawei is ready with the changes that it’s been working on its own products and technologies. It first started by using NM Cards instead of SD cards. And then there’s the Harmony OS aka Hongmeng OS as its own mobile platform. The company has been saying it’s not really an alternative to Android because it can also work on smart devices and services.

The U.S. Commerce Department’s move to extend the permit of Huawei to buy supplies from American companies may be announced soon. There is no formal and official announcement but sources say it’s going to happen.

The idea of extending the license was so that Huawei can continue with its businesses. Another 90-day limit may be provided. After that, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Let’s wait and see for related updates in the coming days.


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