Huawei’s latest premium flagship phone is the Mate 20 Pro. It comes equipped with a triple rear camera system and follows the P20 Pro’s impressive features and functions. Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything got to stress test the smartphone by scratching, burning, and bending the device. We’ve got high expectations because it is a premium Huawei phone. The P20 Pro didn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s still on top of the DxOMark Mobile list so we know Huawei can meet our expectations with the Mate 20 Pro.

The three cameras are set up in a square on the rear with one LED flash joining them. The emerald green color phone comes with a unique rear panel that is scratch-resistant.

Watch the Mate 20 Pro Durability Test video below:

The phone can wirelessly charge not just itself but other supported phones as well.

The scratch test reveals standard knowledge. The display scratches at level 6 and 7. The glass display is wrapped around the edges so it is almost bezel-less.

The notch on the forehead features a small speaker, face ID sensor, and a 24MP HDR. The sides scratch but they’re normal for a metal build.

Burning the display doesn’t destroy phone but the slight residue doesn’t recover.

Now on to the bend test. This one is heartbreaking because of the cracks on top of the screen. It doesn’t survive. The frame may not be snug especially since the display has very small bezels.


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