All Android owners, specifically those with the newer models. are on tenterhooks (well, not exactly), just waiting for the day when their OEM or carrier will finally say, “Hey, your Marshmallow update is here”. But it’s been a particularly long wait so some have actually stopped waiting. Well, if you own Huawei’s Honor 7, you might start the waiting period again as a tweet from their official account says that you might get the update within the next two weeks.

The first part of the tweet is actually for those Honor 7 owners who were participating in the beta testing program that they launched earlier this year. They will be able to receive the final version of the update anytime now over-the-air. However, the update will be rolling out in stages so there might be a slight delay for some the beta testers.

But since it’s the final version of the beta, that means all other users should see the OTA update soon. They’re estimating it sometime within the next two weeks. So if you are an Honor 7 owner, start making room for the update, estimated at around 1GB, and when you do update, make sure that your phone has sufficient charge and that your connection is stable.

The Honor sub-brand is actually Huawei’s grand debut in markets outside of Asia, specifically the US and Europe. It has helped boost their brand internationally and the Honor 7 in particular is responsible for their big success in 2015. It will be a good “scoop” for them if they get the Marshmallow to Honor 7 owners ahead of other Android brands like Samsung, Sony, LG (although Polish LG G4 owners have it already), etc.

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