Aside from the Huawei P30 Pro that is currently making an impression because of its high-end camera system, the top Chinese OEM also announced a new pair of smart glasses. Not that Huawei has ventured into this category before but we have a feeling this pair will once again revive the interest of the public. Huawei and Gentle Monster teamed up to launch this pair of eyewear that is intelligent and comfortable. In case you’re wondering, Gentle Monster is a real brand name. It’s a Korean optical glasses and sunglasses brand that is presently popular in Seoul.

Don’t ask why Huawei partnered with a Korean brand but we know K-Pop is still big anywhere in the world. Initially called as the Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear, this pair of smart glasses features some stereo speakers, dual mic, antenna, a chipset, and a battery.

Believe it or not, the pair doesn’t feature any camera so you’d be asking what is the point of this gadget. Well, with beamforming technology, it can be used for making and taking voice calls. It’s a new Bluetooth accessory that can very well replace your headset.

Huawei Mobile has posted a teaser video on Twitter. Nothing much has been presented but we know how it looks. It won’t be a Google Glass copycat as the pair is unique on its own.

One interesting bit is that the carrying case can also be used to charge the glasses. It is said to have NFC that may be used for other purposes.

Huawei will launch the connected glasses sometime in July. More models will be available. No idea on pricing and market release yet but we’ll let you know once more details are ready.