Huawei will keep a low profile at the Mobile World Congress by not introducing a premium flagship smartphone. It will still be presenting new products at the tech event but don’t expect any grand announcements as before. What we can expect is a new smartwatch as part of the top Chinese OEM’s third generation wearables (cross your fingers). This will be the third series already since offering smartwatches in 2015. This particular category isn’t exactly big as the smartphone arena but it still has a market.

Smartwatches are still in demand for new purposes. They’re not only used as digital watches but also as health trackers now. And with the launch of Android Wear, they’ve become more powerful in terms of communication and running standalone apps. As for Huawei, it may implement a new Watch operation method as per a recent patent sighting.

The patent filed shows a Huawei Watch that has a new operation method. There’s a bezel with touch control that we’re imagining will be more useful and intuitive. There’s also the concept of a wearable device being able to detect writing movements according to a document published on World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It’s not entirely new because the patent was dated July 29, 2016.

The exact title of the patents is ‘Gesture input method for a wearable device and a wearable device’ so it may have something to do with new possible gestures. We’re thinking writing with your fingertip on air which can be understood by the smartwatch. The gesture input method seems funs to do. It can actually work if the sensors will cooperate. Of course, there can be other things to consider in allowing the gestures to be understood. There’s the speed, height, length, time, and sensitivity.

Huawei is still exploring the possibility. We can’t say it will be available on the next-gen Huawei Watch but we’re hopeful.

VIA: Lets Go Digital