We still have a month or so before we find out what sweet name Google may have come up for its latest major Android update. But a Huawei customer service representative may have jumped the gun when responding to an inquiry as to whether the Huawei P9 Lite will be getting the Android P update. Or he/she may have been reading all the articles speculating about the name and got confused there for a bit. Anyway, it may or may have not confirmed what we have suspected all along: it may be Pistachio time.

The “incident” occurred in Poland during a routine conversation in a live chat between an owner of a Huawei P9 lite mini (2017) and a customer service representative. The user simply asked when is the scheduled update of their device to Android Oreo but unfortunately, they will only be receiving security updates for the two-year-old device. For some reason, they also asked whether the P9 lite itself would receive two years worth of updates, as is the standard for most devices.

The CSR then replied that “usually older phones receive a new system when the latest Android Pitstachio is released”, therefore starting all this speculation once again that it will indeed be a salty rather than a sweet treat. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of it referred to as Pistachio since developers used the working name “Android Pistachio Ice Cream” as far back as February.

As to whether this was a slip up on the CSR’s part or whether they were also speculating themselves about this and read all the previous rumors, we’ll only find out in a month or so once Google actually makes the official announcement.

VIA: Tabletowo