Huawei have confirmed that they will be supplying T-Mobile with their Android-based smartphone, which will launch in Q3 2009 as the T-Mobile G3.  An Huawei spokesperson has told reporters that “I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year”, with the handset in question presumably the full-touchscreen device the manufacturer showed at Mobile World Congress in February 2009.

The handset is expected to have a 5-megapixel camera, headphone jack and integrated WiFi.  Huawei’s demo unit was a non-functional model, and the company refused to remove it from the glass casing during the show.

According to the reports, T-Mobile are angling the Huawei device as a low-cost handset, although specific pricing has not been confirmed.  It will launch in the UK sometime after July 2009, trailing the HTC Magic which sees its European Vodafone launch in May.

[via Electricpig]