Leaks surrounding the Ascend P7 seem to be increasing in frequency lately. The handset currently sports a codename of Sophia, and so far, we have still yet to see anything official from Huawei. While that last bit holds true, there has been another leak and this time we are seeing not one, but two new images.

The pics have arrived by way of the Dutch language Mobifo and are offering a look at the back panel of the device. Well, one image is of the complete back panel, and the second is a close up which shows a mention of the Sophia codename. The interesting, or perhaps unsettling part here, this image does not match the recently leaked render.


The rendered image surfaced earlier in the week and showed a device with some squared corners. Those squared corners have carried over to this newly leaked image, however the opening for the camera lens and flash are not in the same spot. For reference, the rendered image had the lens and flash sitting centered from left to right.

As you’ll see here in this post, this new Sophia back panel image has those openings sitting in the upper left hand corner. Other details noted in this image include the 4G logo towards the bottom, the Huawei logo towards the top and an opening sitting in the lower left corner. Speculation suggests that could be an opening for a speaker, but again in comparison, that opening was not shown in the rendered image.

That said, this just goes to show why we have to remain skeptical when it comes to leaks and rumors.