Huawei has announced some new devices in the past few days and one of the more interesting ones that they introduced is their new pair of smart glasses. What makes this one different is that it’s running on HarmonyOS, Huawei’s proprietary software and its virtual assistant Celia can help you out with tasks without having to bring out your connected smartphone. It also comes with swappable frames to match your outfit or mood. Unfortunately, it looks like this will only be available in China, at least for now.

The Huawei smart glasses come in three styles – Boston-style, Wellington, and Aviator frames. You can also choose to have prescription lenses or sunshade style. Each pair of glasses come with 128mm speakers and microphones so you’ll be able to have hands-free access to the Celia digital assistant. You can listen to music, take and make phone calls, or get directions if you’re driving somewhere. Gizmodo says that these are the first smart glasses to run on HarmonyOS.

The frames can be swapped so you can choose to use blue light-filtering glasses when working on your computer then swap them to sunglasses when you’re going outside. There will be a dozen different frames that you can choose from to switch and swap on your smart glasses. These smart glasses can be useful for those who are always on the go and would rather take calls, listen to music, or even take down notes without using their smartphone.

The Huawei smart glasses also have health features that will be useful especially for those who are sitting in front of the computer the whole day. It will give you an alert when your head is in a downward positing for a long time. It also gives you your weight-bearing status or the weight placed on your spine and give you a report on your health when it comes to your spine and back. Basically, it will tell you if you’re looking at your phone or your computer too long.

Unfortunately for those who are not living in China, the Huawei smart glasses will be available exclusively in its home country. It will cost 1,699 CNY ($267) for the normal glasses while the sunglasses is slightly more expensive at 1,899 CNY ($298). No news yet if it will be available in other countries.


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