Huawei Android messaging

The top Chinese OEM Huawei has teamed up with Google to make its Android devices more useful than ever. Mobile messaging may seem to be a basic feature but it can still be improved with some innovations in technology. Huawei is integrating Android Messages and is taking advantage of RCS messaging. The idea is for Huawei phones and tablets to bring an enhanced native messaging and communications experience.

Most phones nowadays offer SMS, texting over WiFi, group chats, and media sharing. They are features native to a smartphone. But with Huawei and Google’s partnership, a Huawei device will incorporate RCS business messaging for better messaging. This means Huawei phone owners can use Android Messages and make video calls and more as made possible by Google Duo and Video over LTE.

Huawei will still depend on mobile carriers and networks’ support and approval. There shouldn’t be any problem in deploying RCS messaging across networks but Huawei and Google still have to offer the hub solution and Jibe RCS cloud. Huawei’s infrastructure has limitations but simple and quick solutions can be integrated.

Google and Huawei will start Android Message integration on their mobile devices soon. Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu has this to say about the deal: “HUAWEI and Google together by forming this strategic partnership will provide consumers with the best global user experience on HUAWEI products with RCS and will enable carriers the ability to offer unique services through business messaging.”

With Google’s help, the tech giant is positive that Huawei will “bring a better native messaging experience to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, through RCS and Android Messages” as per Google’s SVP for Platforms & Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)