Well what do we have here? The FCC has outed yet another gadget bound for American shores, but this one’s of a decidedly more corporate flair. The HTC Conference Speaker popped up in the Commission’s database today with some scintillating details. The Bluetooth accessory can work with any mobile phone and should you have a matching set, it’ll work together.

The brushed aluminum Conference Speaker works a lot like the wired speaker phones you’ve seen adoring huge tables in soulless corporate meeting rooms: connect it to your Bluetooth phone and it’ll use multiple microphones and a large speaker to simulate a meeting. While a single Conference Speaker only supports mono audio, you can connect two at the same time to hear quarterly updates and TPS reports in stereo. Pressing the center button automatically pairs the speaker with any matching speakers in the immediate area.

The speaker lasts for ten hours on a charge, so unsightly cables won’t deface your expensive mahogany finish. If you use the Conference Speaker for music playback it’ll last you for eight hours. There’s no word on a price or release date, but expect it pretty soon, since accessories take a lot less wrangling to get into the public’s hands.

[via Wireless Goodness]