Last week we heard that HTC would be launching an new phone exclusively in China which would allow for mobile payments via NFC. That same device, the PH85110, has been brought to the FCC recently. On top of its already impressive array of radios were several GSM frequencies that may indicate its the PH85110 is going to be heading state-side after all.

We haven’t seen much news in the realm of mobile NFC payments since Google announced their Google Wallet program in May. HTC is taking initiative though, bringing a payment-enabled device to China, where NFC payments are already as pervasive as credit cards are in the States. Initial rumors had been that the phone would be exclusive to China though.

The phone recently showed up at the FCC with a generous helping of radios, including NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi n. As far as telephony though, it was not only sporting America’s 850 and 1900 GSM bands (Europe, Asia, and Aftica use 900/1800), but WCDMA bands II, IV, and V (II is used by T-Mobile, and the others by AT&T).

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, its a good sign for those who were disappointed by initial reports the phone wouldn’t come to America. The real question now, is if the phone is released in the U.S., what plans does HTC have for its NFC capabilities? Maybe the next Google Wallet phone enabled phone?

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  1. It’s a totally different phone guys. Yes, it will feature CloseConnect, just as the Chinese Incredible S, but it’s not the same device 🙂


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