HTC is noting they will not be supporting the One X+ any longer. Via Twitter, the Taiwanese OEM tells one customer that the One X+ will not receive any further updates, though their wording was a bit misleading. According to HTC, though just over a year old, the One X+ is being relegated to the scrap heap of updates.

Twitter user David O’Rourke is our unwitting newsmaker of the day, all due to a very basic question. He asked HTC is they’d be updating his One X+, which he rightly points out is a mere 14 months old. The man wants KitKat, and who could blame him? HTC clearly isn’t lending a sympathetic ear, instead telling him all hope is lost.

In a direct response to Mr. O’Rourke, HTC says the device is no longer seeing updates, and will be “remain on the current version of Android.” That’s clearly a poor choice of words, considering they guy is asking for an update to the current version of Android, and HTC clearly means the device will be left to its current version. Oh HTC, why can’t you just get out of your own way?

HTC One X+

The twitter backlash was quick and merciless, too. O’Rourke was upset, and we don’t blame him one bit. Another respondent made a point to highlight that it was this type of thing that caused him to steer away from Android altogether. Another simply wants a Nexus phone, which they note is “futureproof”. Don’t say that around Galaxy Nexus owners, though.

HTC has a suspect track record of software updates, despite their infographic clearly outlining the process. We’re not saying they’ve gone against their word, but they seem to be quicker to drop device support than many others. That, or maybe the world just needs to throttle back upgrade expectations a bit in regard to HTC.