It looks like users of the HTC Vivid 4G LTE smartphone over on AT&T may have a tasty frozen treat waiting for them today. Yes this is the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update with the new HTC Sense UI 3.6 experience. Sadly AT&T has announced that the update is not, i repeat NOT rolling out, although multiple users have received it and a little trick will get you the update today. No hacking or root required.

It looks like the update is ready, but for some reason isn’t being officially pushed out to all users yet. A simple code you type in your phones dialer instead of a phone number is all you need. Multiple users over on XDA gave it a try and now have the official update and Android 4.0.3 ICS. similar to #646# to check minutes — just enter *#*#682#*#* and the update will pull right to your device. We aren’t sure if this will work for everyone, but seems pretty legit according to XDA.

As usual you can’t accept an official over the air update if your bootloader is unlocked. So either use the official relock tool, or check out this thread for more details. However, if you are completely stock just give the code above a try and enjoy the latest and greatest OS from Google and HTC on your very own HTC Vivid.

Let us know if things worked for you, and enjoy that improved Beats Audio.

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[via Android Police]