New reports are coming in stating that HTC will be the first manufacturer outside of Sony to offer Playstation certified devices to their customers. Bringing awesome games and titles like Crash Bandicoot to HTC phones and tablets. This will be a great move for Sony and allow more customers access to their apps than the smaller group of current Sony Ericsson devices such as the Xperia Play.

Late last year Sony announced that the official Playstation Suite of certified games and applications would be headed to other manufactures and devices come 2012 and it appears that things are right on track. According to trusted sources from Pocket-Lint HTC will be the first to be certified and we could be seeing an announcement as soon as late this month, possibly at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain.

Sony’s Playstation Suite is now a full cross-platform system with games available to the PS VITA, and many Android devices from Sony. With HTC on board they will expand even further. We might even see some official gaming smartphones from HTC in the future with slide-out game controls similar to the Xperia Play but that is unlikely. Most likely gaming will be completed with on-screen controls but anything is possible.

Interesting news and once either party confirms or shares more details we will update accordingly.

[via SlashGear]