One segment of the market that has reaped the benefits of this whole mobile wearable revolution and innovation is the fitness-minded and athletic people. At CES 2015, HTC has announced a partnership with fitness apparel brand Under Armour to create devices that will support the latter’s recently launched fitness platform and network. Will this be HTC’s predicted entry into the wearable and/or fitness device market.

UA Record is a platform that will sync all the data gathered from your various fitness apps, activities, and other health-related wearables and actually make sense of all this information to give you a better idea of where you are now in your goals. Kevin Plank, CEO and founder of Under Armour, says that this is a tool created to empower people to “lead healthier and more active lives.”

Two years ago, the company released a fitness tracker called Armour39 but it was designed for the hardcore fitness lovers. They also acquired app-maker MapMyFitness and launched several products under its built, including MapMyRun and MapMyRide, creating a network of over 31 million fitness enthusiasts. These are now also part of UA Record, which is more than just a platform but also a way for people to connect with other fellow health buffs, join community challenges, and just basically keep your fitness goals on track.

Now as to what HTC will be creating to supplement this device-wise, both partners have not yet revealed any details as to what this will entail. HTC CEO Peter Chou said this is just the first step in providing consumers with “a range of connected health and fitness products and services”. Again, nothing concrete to gain from their official statements, but maybe we’re looking at their entry into the wearables segment, where their competitors have already had a head start in.

SOURCE: PR Newswire


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