Now that Apple‘s stores full of glass walls and gadgets are so popular it seems that everyone is trying to do the same. When I first heard HTC was opening stores I thought, no. Just no! Low and behold just like Samsung and and even Microsoft, HTC has just opened their own store although it’s inside of another store in Hamburg, Germany.

The store model employed by Cupertino is a popular one, something Samsung has received some negative press over for trying to mirror, with the same blue shirts and everything. This go around HTC has done something similar with a neat little HTC store complete with smartphones available to try, and even some neat little comfy green decorations to relax and enjoy an HTC One X.

The folks at snapped the few photos here, giving us a glance at the new HTC store in Germany that the Taiwanese company hopes will help out sales — at least in Germany. The store within a store idea is probably a good first step. Not requiring an entire building, but enough to still get attention from shoppers and passerby’s.

Apparently HTC plans to bring more of these mini “stores” to other parts of the world soon, so we could even see one land somewhere in NYC or San Fransisco soon, but there’s no telling at this point. We’re hearing HTC has trained staff on-site to answer questions, give demos, sale smartphones and tablets, and even offer Beats Audio headphones and more right in-store. Is it just me, or does that store or room and table look a bit messy? Keep it clean HTC!

[via UnwiredView]