HTC has been making sure to trademark a few names lately for upcoming devices and we are now seeing even more pop up. Back in July we saw a large list of trademarked names that all seemed to be centered around “speed” but the newest few we are now seeing are a bit different.

While they’ve kept up the name “Quietly Brilliant” for a while, lately they’ve been making a loud splash in the Android market and are only going to get bigger and “louder”. They have just trademarked two more names to add to their list, The HTC Rhyme and HTC Enamor. Now first off when you see the Rhyme you’ll immediately think of the recent acquisition of Beats Audio so that makes complete sense. I can see this being a nice mid-range device focuses more on audio rather than performance and be centered around busting a rhyme and having some good audio thanks to Beats Audio by Dre.

We have seen plenty of odd names in the past like Pyramid, Doubleshot, Glacier, Supersonic and more and most of those were pretty high end devices. The name Enamor sounds a bit like a high end name doesn’t it? I could see the HTC Enamor being the codename for another powerhouse flagship phone but that’s just me. While these are only codenames it’s still fun to speculate right?

[via Engadget]