If you’re a HTC fan living in the UK, you’re probably familiar with the fact that HTC hasn’t offered a new tablet since last May. The last tablet to hit UK stores from HTC was the Flyer. The tablet didn’t do all that well on the market, mostly due to the price of £600 when it launched. The tablet did have some nice features to set it apart from the pack, including a higher resolution screen than most seven-inch tablets and a digital pen.

HTC has confirmed that it’s working on another tablet will make its way to the UK market according to PCadvisor. HTC offered no details on the tablet other than promising that it would have a unique selling point. What that unique selling point is remains to be seen. We assume the tablet would run Android 4.1 for the operating system.

With most consumers going for cheap Android tablets along the lines of the Google Nexus 7, I suspect it will be a lower end entry-level tablet. It HTC wanted to be successful it needs to have decent hardware and that unique selling point needs to be a cheap price.

[via SlashGear]