With cybersecurity being a main concern for a lot of OEMs and mobile device end users as well, it’s no wonder that a lot of companies are now on the lookout for secure mobile solutions. And eventually, mobile users will also be considering secure devices as a basis for choosing their next new smartphone or tablet. HTC has now partnered with Northrop Grumman Australia to provide them with “a new standard of data security for mobile devices.”

Now as to what these secure mobile solutions are, it’s probably still too early in the partnership to tell. But what we do know is that this will lead to the creation of a new generation of mobile devices for HTC that can boast of being able to let their users access highly sensitive data or exchange information with their loved ones without having to worry about anyone having access to that information or those conversations.

Northrop Grumman Australia won the 2015 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science for Safeguarding Australia because of their Secure Communications System. According to Ian Irving, the Chief Executive for Northrop, their partnership with HTC will make them a “formidable team capable of developing world-leading security solutions to meet current and future requirements of industry and government.”

They are looking at solutions that will be able to meet or even exceed the highest U.S government accreditation and certification standards, which seems to be the highest right now. And while people aren’t looking yet at a whole device in terms of security, HTC is anticipating that it will be the case a few years down the road.

SOURCE: Northrop


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