Take a peek at the three part leak download of the HTC ThunderBolt REE and System Dump for your very own exploration – it’s super big and huge and full of sweet junk. You’ll have your own look at a batch of elements including a 140MB golf game, VZW items including: BitBop, Nav, MobiTV, Mogstup, Rhapsody, Rockband, Skype, Sling, UStream, VCast Music, and VCast Videos. Then there’s a Blockbuster app, Adobe Reader, HTC items by the names of FM Radio, DLNA, and Greader (of which we’d love some more info on, to be sure.) Most of these are the demos, of course, and require you to purchase the full version for full functionality.

Also inside you’ll find a file by the name of Slate.apk, a version of Slacker Radio, Skinpicker.apk, a bunch of live wallpapers, some boot animations, and a normal HTC keyboard. Take a peek over at the XDA Forum post started by rugbydroid, or move on back to the source of the leak at 911HTC, and download each of the three parts here:

http://www.multiupload.com/P6BPE7NBX7 [1 of 3]
http://www.multiupload.com/7L7YHXUAV5 [2 of 3]
http://www.multiupload.com/ZJX0PXFYQY [3 of 3]

Take a sweet peek and let us know what you find!

[Via XDA Forums]



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