Looks like there are a few weird things going on over at LTE world. Verizon Wireless and their exciting new LTE network seems to be having some issues, or is it only a firmware issue? That is what Verizon is claiming. Reading over the Verizon Wireless Community forum there is quite a large number of customers reporting 4G drops, like every few minutes or more.

According to the complaints of some it is even worse than we just mentioned. Many users are reporting that even in solid coverage area’s with a full signal they are having 4G dropouts every 5-10 seconds, and it comes and goes. This sure makes things difficult and you can forget about tethering or hotspot functions. Read more about the complaints here.

Verizon has acknowledged the problem and has said that a firmware update is coming soon. They did not mention any sort of time or a date for the OTA, and that is usually the case. It will come when they are ready. You can Google around for certain suggestions people mention are “fixes” but if this is a firmware problem those fixes will only be a band-aid until Verizon fixes the issue themselves.

[via Verizon Wireless Community]


  1. I have never had trouble accessing 4G and actually turning off the 4G service using *#*#4636#*#* significantly helped my battery last throughout the day! There is an LTE On Off app that helps do the same thing. Phone is awesome once you do this!

  2. I haven’t had this problem at all with the 4g dropping out. The only major thing is the battery life span. Everyone is claiming its the 4g but when I check the settings for the battery and see what’s been using it
    It’s usually between 70,and 85% display and only 4% cell standby, 3% Android system…..
    Just saying.
    And BTW I bought those 2X1700 mah batteries and wall charger for.the TB off of amazon the they work great. Definite longer than the factory battery. Now instead of feeding my phone all day and charging at night I just swap a battery once a day. For now till they work out the bug.

  3. I can certainly confirm the LTE drops every 5-10 seconds. My phone was going berzerk! But after a few minutes and a quick on/off switch of the LTE service, it was constant, and fast! Love the hot spot option with 4G/LTE when in airports that charge for the WiFi. LTE is just as fast!

  4. No issues here (Dallas area) with my TB .. but I dont really push the 4G use so much. But when I do it has worked great, fast as lightning. I used the 4636 trick along with Juice Defender and now my battery lasts all day easily. Before the 4G ate me alive, now its just like a normal phone.

  5. Repeated drops in Chicagoland area…I’m between towers and 4g drops every 10-15 seconds..very frustrating.

  6. I live right in the middle of Denver and my 4g drops constantly, killing my entire mobile connection. I often have to turn the mobile off and back on again, it’s ridiculous. I literally asked a rep about it TODAY and she said they’d had no one else complaining of the issue. I’m a bit irritated now.

  7. I’m having those drop out issues and its so aggravating. I kept restarting my phone
    Thinking it may help. But now reading this I understand its not just me. Wonder why thesudden crap out. Hope they fix it soon


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