Word on the street is that not only will the HTC ThunderBolt be coming sooner than expected, it’ll be up for presale reservations this Sunday. And not only that, the ThunderBolt will be available at Best Buy, a company that’s also about to release their “Future-Proof” program which allows you to bring your phone back to the store you purchased it at for credit toward another phone which you’ll undoubtedly be able to keep on the same plan.

UPDATE: Best Buy ad image added, thanks BGR!

To reserve your very own HTC ThunderBolt, all you’ve gotta do is tear yourself away from the television long enough to get to a Best Buy store and throw $50 at them. Make sure you don’t run back out of the store without confirmation that you’ve got your phone on reserve! Or you could casually walk in early in the morning too, I suppose, before the SuperBowl starts. Either way, you’re gonna get the lightening for sure. – – Thanks for the tip, Darnell!