This is a little interesting, but at the same time I’m not all that surprised. The iPhone 4 is old news, It is old and doesn’t even have 4G I mean common right. Well, according to the research firm ITG The HTC Thunderbolt outsold the iPhone 4 on Verizon last month. That is only on Verizon. Some might be waiting for that white iPhone, or the 5, but I think most likely it is that beautiful 4.3″ screen and that little feature called “4G LTE” that is doing the selling.

It is exciting to see Android phones that continue to sell well, anything HTC most likely will as they have some amazing hardware. This story originally comes from the NYP, where they quote ITG Research Firm a few times.

As of late March, the HTC Thunderbolt “surpassed the iPhone as the top-selling phone at Verizon,” ITG said in a report.

I can’t help but wonder if a large part of this is that small screen the iPhone is still using. Many people want something bigger, better, faster, and newer. The HTC Thunderbolt delivers every one of those things, some multiple times. I know from my work alone there has been many people that have sold their iPhone for a EVO, or the Thunderbolt as they see others with a larger screen and want one also. Either way this is good news for Android, Verizon, and the Thunderbolt.

[via New York Post]