Take a peek in your ThunderBolt guts right this very moment because an update is coming your way. You might end up getting a notification starting yesterday, but if you’re in to the whole “I’d like my phone to be as awesome as it can be” thing, head to settings – software update – check new and you may well have a surprise waiting for you. This is the update we noted at the beginning of this month and includes items in web browsing, data access, email, messaging, and a bunch of tiny items you might never notice but might as well update because updating is awesome.

An important note to make here for you rooted ladies and gentlemen is that you might want to consider updating your device in a non-traditional way. Apologies if the title led you to believe that Verizon was suddenly supporting your ability to super-use your phone, but thou shalt not wait in darkness, jcase is on the case. Head over to the thread entitled [ruu][rooted][MR1 aka OTA] CONFIRM Build Number: 1.13.605.7 Baseband: for your full instructions on how to get the update without un-rooting in any way. Please be aware of the requirements and if you don’t understand any part of the instructions – don’t do it!

That said, here’s what you’ll be getting whether you do the update the normal way through settings on your non-rooted device or with magic on your rooted device:

Web Browsing and Data Access
• Enhanced data connectivity when accessing the Verizon 3G network

Email and Messaging
• SMS and MMS messages are stored properly in the Messaging Application (Inbox, Sent, etc.).

Additional Device Features
• Timing for device activation has been improved.
• “Backup Assistant” is correctly displayed in the Application menu.
• Stability improvements for data centric applications such as Facebook, KAYAK, Yahoo! Mail, My Verizon and more.
• Accurate location is displayed when accessing the Weather Widget
• Quickly load GPS updates for Google Maps and VZ Navigator™.