From what we are seeing from our friends over at Droid-Life the HTC Thunderbolt and a few other phones at Verizon Wireless are on sale now until June 12th. It looks like Verizon is holding a private sale on many devices for what they are calling “Loyal Customers”. This may mean long time subscribers, or multi-line customers but apparently certain people have received emails and texts regarding this sale.

Pay no attention to that Blackberry “smart”phone in the image above, its all about the Thunderbolt and that blazing fast 4G LTE it features. It seems a few lucky people might be snagging the device for the low low price of $99 with a new contract of course. The rest of the phones in the image don’t look all that exciting, but I think the main attraction for this sale is directed at that front runner we know as the HTC Thunderbolt.

We don’t have many details regarding this sale, or who all/what qualifies but I have a feeling if your 2-year contract is up and you call and ask nicely Verizon might just be willing to send you off with the Thunderbolt for that $99 pricetag, or at least a discount if you mention the ad. Don’t take my word for it though, call them yourself or stop by a store and see. Don’t forget to come back and comment if you happen to get lucky and get that low price of $99.

[via DroidLife]