If you haven’t sold that aging and old HTC Thunderbolt over on Swappa and picked up a shiny new Galaxy Nexus then you’ll be happy to know that Verizon has just cleared another round of over the air updates for your lovely lightning bolt equipped smartphone. All the details and documents are available below.

I’ll start by saying no, this isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich. We are still on 2.3 Gingerbread with this update — and even that took forever. Today HTC and Verizon are all set and have initiated the rollout for a small software update and patch for the Thunderbolt and while there is nothing major here at least it’s a timely update right? Here’s what you can expect:

As usual all the update instructions, PDF’s, and documents are available from Verizon Support. The update isn’t anything special but does bring a few fixes and improvement to Twitter, video streaming playback and things of that sort. While not a big update it’s definitely worth downloading for those stock users not running any sort of custom ROM. Again here’s all the details from Verizon. Enjoy!

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