Even before Verizon had a chance to release the HTC Thunderbolt, it seems one has already been rooted over at XDA Developers. Titled “In the Name of Root” by XDA member jcase, there are pictures clearly showing Clockwork Mod Recovery at boot. AndIRC is the team responsible for this feat, and I’m sure this will convince even a few more to jump on the bandwagon towards owning a Thunderbolt.

Knowing root is already feasible, what’s next? Will CyanogenMod 7 be ported soon as well? With the actual release of the Thunderbolt more than 12 days away, it’s still hard to believe the device has been rooted. By the time it hits the market I’m sure some more crafty developers will have cooked up a custom ROM and thus starting the general public out with root from day one.

[Via XDA Developers and Bonbondude from our forums]