Earlier in the week we told you about a root method for the newly popular HTC Thunderbolt . The original root method was very long, and pretty difficult. Probably for advanced users only. I know I’ve seen many reports on twitter that people didn’t want to get into all that and were waiting for a 1-Click root, or easyroot. Well today I have that, here is Easyroot.

Update: Now easier, faster, and safer with version 3. Click here

For those that do not want to go into the difficult rooting method posted in the beginning of this post. We have the easyroot ready for you. This is brought to us by the XDA member dbzfanatic, he says he doesn’t own the Thunderbolt but that it’s been successful on multiple test devices and with others that do have the phone. I’ll get right into it as I’m sure you all can’t wait to root and start fully enjoying your Thunderbolts. As always, we at AC or the members at XDA hold no responsibility if things go wrong. This could brick your device and do everything at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: AndIRC is not affiliated with this program and by using it you agree that neither AndIRC nor myself is responsible for any damages caused by this program.

Instead of linking you all to the files here. I’ll just send you to the source as he has two files, one for adb, and one to do this without adb, as well as all the instructions and possible issues. Also this is for Windows PC’s only for now but I’m sure support for more will come very soon. Enjoy your newly rooted HTC Thunderbolt.

[via XDA Forums]


  1. i got to bootloader, and i never got an upgrade option, just told me :
    main version is older!
    update failed!
    press to reboot.


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