So everyone has started to get their new and awesome HTC Thunderbolts over the last week or so. I’m sure you all love it. For those like me that always want to tinker, or change how things look we have a little treat for you. A XDA member by the name of sopL87 has made a huge collection of unique and nice looking skins for your Sense 2.0 device. They work on the Thunderbolt as well as the Desire HD and basically any Sense 2.0 device. Here are a few of my favorite.

This is a very simply, easy, and fast way to make your phone stand out or be unique to you. Make it your own. For those Tron Legacy lovers there is TronSense, and those that like it looking stock he has those also. This is a huge collection with way to many links to post here. Don’t forget to stop in the XDA thread and thank sopL87 for his great work as it takes time from his life to make these for you all to enjoy.

They are very easy to install, only takes a minute or so and you’ll be up and running for good. He’s included a few instructions I’ll post for you all so you can see just how easy it really is. *No Root Required*
Installation: Well, just install (for less-minded: download skin, move it to phone’s SD card and with any file manager install it)

Uninstallation: Go to Skin Picker (menu where you are choosing skins), press “Menu” button and choose “Delete” option

[via XDA Forums]