This year at CTIA 2011, SlashGear and Android Community were contacted by a group called BodyGuardz. This is a group that creates and skins for devices of many shapes and sizes, most notably for us the Motorola XOOM tablet and the HTC ThunderBolt. What BodyGuardz enticed us with was the prospect of getting 2 of their very first custom-cut-on-site HTC ThunderBolt wraps. These wraps were so fresh off the press that the paper backing had no brand and a freshly cut edge. It was like we were in the lab! We were so pumped up that we had to take a couple videos showing the application for all of you to see the loveliness.

The video you’re about to witness shows none other than this dude’s ugly mug. I’ll be bringing you through the process of applying a “decorative armor” which, despite it’s name, does provide protection just as much as it does provide what they’re calling “decoration.” What you’re going to see is me attaching the top batter cover bit, then the bottom bit below the kickstand, then the kickstand itself.

[vms 2bb0619eaeb2050ba45d]

A couple things I want to be clear about: when i said there were bubbles near the top after the first try, I don’t feel I was clear enough in saying that the bubbles weren’t bubbles at all, they’d just been high places that I’d simply not pressed down with my thumb at that point. Each bit of skin went down without a hitch, and perfectly every time – save for the kickstand which I did have to take off and re-apply again because I stretched it the first time I applied, sticking it to one end and pulling the entire strip too far across the back of the device.

We’ll be reviewing this exact same skin very soon here on Android Community, then we’ll be getting in review units glore including one made specifically for the Motorola XOOM tablet that you KNOW I’ll be looking at VERY closely. Armors for life!