Never say never folks! Just as we announced late last week, the good guys over at HTC have apparently been working on an update for the aging HTC Thunderbolt. It’s long overdue, but we can now confirm Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is indeed rolling out as we speak to the first 4G LTE device from Verizon. It’s a miracle, and we’re glad to see it.

For all the doubters and Verizon haters, we understand your frustration on soo many levels, but it’s nice to see them finally updating this smartphone after months and months of delays. Our inbox has just been flooded with users commenting with excitement that they have in fact received the OTA update this afternoon.

Verizon confirmed the update last week on their support pages, and now that it’s finally rolling out you should probably check for updates as we speak and get this on the way as soon as possible. Many users over at XDA Developers have also confirmed they’ve received the update this morning and are now enjoying that tasty frozen treat.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.22.13 AM

The jump from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is a big one – in terms of size and features – so you’re in for a treat. The download is around 400MB so it might take a few minutes to download and WiFi is recommended, then let it do its thing and you’ll be rocking the newer OS and all those ICS improvements in no time. Enjoy everything new with HTC Sense UI 3.6 like lockscreen shortcuts, face unlock and much much more. Drop us a comment when you get the update and let us know how things are going.

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  1. Just updated mine, make sure you are plugged in so you are not relying on the battery. I was done in twenty min. using 4G. Now trying to see what is different.

  2. The update seems to be a fluid transfer. New unlock screen and different fonts throughout. Also the title bar, and all icons are a tiny bit clearer/smaller. The new layout is nice.

  3. Phone has been very slow since the download. Always says “loading” when going back to my home screen. The phone has a very delayed reaction when exiting out of anything. Also it is very delayed when switching into landscape view and back to normal view. It does the slow fade out to the home screen then says loading. Takes about ten seconds to pull the home screen back up. I would prefer to have Gingerbread back. At least there was no delays.

  4. I can’t get to my messages. It just says “Please Wait..” for what seems like indefinitely. And none of my lock screen apps are launched when I drag the circle over them.

  5. My thunderbolt experience:
    I bought the Thunderbolt the first day it came out (over 2 years ago) My thunderbolt does everything I want it to do and it is everything I want it to be. I had downloaded the app that lets me switch between 3G and 4G and often have to switch it manually because the phone will sometimes screw that part up, It’s not too big of a problem honestly. I get over 30 Mbps speed. The phone is rock solid. I will not upgrade my phone every two years like verizon tries to make me do by giving me a credit towards a new phone and a new 2 year contract. I don’t even upgrade my computer every 2 years. When this phone breaks I will buy another thunderbolt off ebay.

    ICE CREAM SANDWICH “UPGRADE”All in all it’s a tiny bit slower on all other operations and it doesn’t bug me at all. I’ve read many messages from people saying their text message app stopped working and that’s pathetic. I am also suffering from the text app program not opening. How do you release Ice Cream Sandwich specifically to thunderbolt users and not notice the text app doesn’t work? PATHETIC.. but I know the truth.. verizon is trying to force me off my obviously out of contract thunderbolt.(Verizon trying to break your phone is NOT A REASON TO GET A NEW PHONE) I have simply downloaded HANDCENT SMS as an alternative program to send texts. STOP TRYING TO SCREW ME VERIZON. I WILL NEVER BUY A NEW PHONE. IF YOU UPDATE MY PHONE TO NOT WORK AND I CANT FIX IT MYSELF I WILL SWITCH CARRIERS.


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