We know the HTC One mini is coming. In fact we’ve seen countless leaks of the hardware, software, and everything else in between. All we need at this point is some official details right from HTC themselves, followed by a release date. While we’re still waiting for HTC to reveal the device, today the company is teasing something “little” coming tomorrow over on Twitter.

In case you couldn’t guess from the photo and the “little” bit of news comment, it will be the HTC One mini that gets detailed tomorrow. Mind you, this is HTC UK, so we’re still probably a few weeks away from learning any details surrounding the smartphone here in the US.

We see the trimmed edges of a small device inside a shirt pocket, which fits nicely with a smaller smartphone to undercut the current HTC One. Can’t we just have it already? This comes from HTC’s UK Twitter, but we’ve seen leaks suggesting AT&T will get the phone stateside.

The reports thus far suggest a 4.3-inch 720p display, and almost everything else the One offers. Boomsound, front speakers, Ultrapixel camera for great photos, and of course Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean should be on board as well. It looks like HTC will announce everything tomorrow, and you’ll want to stay tuned right here for plenty of pictures and additional details.