There are a bunch of competitors to Android on the market today, but few are having the sales success of Android devices. The wild success of Android has many phone makers like HTC that generally focus on multiple smartphone OS’ sticking closely to Android. HTC VP Jack Tong talked a bit about HTC and what the future will hold for smartphones and tablets for the company.

According to Tong, the iPad is having more of an impact on PCs than the smartphone market. HTC is watching the tablet market closely to see whether it will jump into the tablet realm. I would think the question of a HTC tablet is a when, not an if at this point. The tablet market is very popular thanks to devices like the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Tong also said that while Windows Phone 7 is being used by the company and other language versions of the Microsoft OS are due in 2011, HTC will focus on Android devices thanks to the rapid growth of the Google OS. Tong notes HTC is waiting for more market penetration on Windows Phone 7. He also spoke about the tight supply of flagship smartphones from the company he said that shortages in key market should ease a bit in December.

Via Digitimes