The next myTouch-branded device for T-Mobile has a curious thing happening to it. While it’s an official device, heading to T-Mobile USA in the coming weeks, there’s still some questions lingering about the name of the device. When T-Mobile officially announced the device, it was called the myTouch, and only the myTouch. But, it’s seen a few changes since then, which make the name of the device seem up in the air.

Not too long ago, the official ROM for the device leaked onto the Internet. When it did, people revealed that the device was “actually” called the myTouch 4G. But then, not too long after that, accessories for the device started popping up in random retail locations, but the device’s name wasn’t the myTouch or myTouch 4G — it was actually called the myTouch HD.

To add to the confusion, or perhaps put an end to it, Walmart Wireless’ section of their website had the device listed for a short period of time, and sure enough, the device’s name was listed as the myTouch 4G. Does this mean that’s what we should expect the device to launch as? Who knows. Right now, it just seems to be a confused mess.

[via CellPhone Signal]