Our friends from HTC have seen some better days. And we hope they see them again. This weekend we learned some rather terrible news as the struggling smartphone manufacturer who has continued to decline as of late just let go of roughly 20% of the staff in the US. Despite a successful and popular HTC One smartphone launch, things aren’t rebounding as well as planned.

Their latest commercial efforts full of acronyms isn’t working out, and someone needs to Help This Company. Over 30 contractors and employees were let go on Friday, the 13th, (bad luck) which we’re hearing is around 20% of the workforce here in the US.

With nearly 150 employees before this weekend, things are starting to look a little ominous for the company. We all were hoping this wouldn’t be the outcome, but things don’t appear to be improving. At least the layoffs weren’t as severe as Motorola’s last year.

According to HTC the move was a “decisive action” to help them streamline their top staff and operations, and cut costs. They are hoping this can lead to “improve decision making” all around, and hopefully continue their effort of rebuilding. We want to take this moment to remind you all of the HTC Dream. The original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1. Without HTC we’re not sure where Android would even be. Show them some love folks!

VIA: SlashGear