HTC is one of the most popular makers of Android smartphones on the market today. The company also has one of the most liked custom UIs in its Sense platform. According to HTC, the smartphones it sells with Sense are being purchased in impressive numbers. HTC has offered up some impressive numbers from Q1 2011. According to HTC, it sold 9,313,500 smartphones with Sense onboard.

For Q2 2011 the company shipped 11 million smartphones total. That 11 million figure is more than twice the number it sold in the same quarter of last year. The strong demand in the US and Asia offset the reduced demand in Europe for the smartphone. Asia in particular is expected to drive a higher growth rate throughout the year with solid gains in the US expected as well.

I wonder though how much of the sales of HTC smartphones with Sense are more to do with them only coming with the UI installed. If you have the same phone at the same carrier for the same price and could get it with or without Sense installed, which would you buy? I bet the purists that like to mod and hack their phone would certainly want the Sense free version.

[via Infosyncworld]