A leaked video shows what may be a new Sense UI for the upcoming HTC One refresh. In the video, we can see the newest Android skin from HTC may be getting some useful tweaks, and pinching a bit of utility from other handsets. Things like knock-on from LG and a quick launching camera just might find their way to the new One.

The video, which you can see below, shows a couple of new features that have out strict attention. The ability to wake the device by double-tapping the screen is one we really like on newer LG devices, and having it on the sleek and sexy One would be really nice. Additionally, we’re big fans of a quick-launch cameras, which we also find here. That’s one thing we really like about the Moto X, and inclusion on a new HTC UI would be really nice.

Gestures are coming front-and-center to the new Sense, with the aforementioned double tap to wake and quick launch camera. We’ll also get the ability to launch widgets or Blinkfeed from the lock screen, which is something we like about a more stock Android experience. Swiping to the left to check out widgets is neat, and Blinkfeed will only enhance that. Though for each gesture it seems the device must be picked up (which seems an unnecessary step, but maybe there are patents HTC is trying to avoid), they’re nice features.

Of special interest is Beats Audio, which is glossed over, but still ont he device in this video. We should note the video description notes it’s a new Sense ported to the current one, and not running on a new device. The video notes it was ported from the newer HTC device to the current one, which is good news for current One owners who have no interest in upgrading. It amy also signify HTC will bring the new Sense to all devices at or shortly after launch of the new One.

Thanks, Brian!


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