Look what we have here for everyone, the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio. HTC might be known by their tagline “Quietly Brilliant” but things sure are about to get a whole lot louder with the introduction of Beats Audio into their wide array of smartphones. We were able to meet with HTC and get some hands-on time with the Sensation XE earlier today and it sure looks and sounds impressive. Check out all the photos and details after the break.

A quick recap here — the Sensation XE is everything we know and love about the original Sensation 4G except its been nicely improved upon. With a juiced up 1.5 GHz dual-core processor vs the 1.2 GHz in the original, it has a bigger battery for longer usage, and then that last important is the Beats Audio. From our initial hands-on time today it was seamless and fluid in performance so it’s safe to say that 1.5 GHz processor is doing a fine job. We’ll be sure to run some benchmarks once we get more time with the device.

There are three main points to take away from this regarding Beats Audio and that is the bundled headphones, the DSP and the audio profiles. Instead of some cheapy headphones than many smartphones don’t even come bundled with these days we have some awesome sounding and impressive In-Ear headphones by Beats Audio. Pair that with the custom audio profiles we have musical bliss.

Once plugged in the Beats Audio profiles neatly kick in for you, as well as being present in the notification drop-down bar for easy enable/disable toggling for those that do or don’t want more bass. Although bass isn’t the only thing here — the entire sound seems much more lively and involved with an enhanced mid-range.

The new Sensation XE with Beats Audio will hit shelves in the UK starting October 1st, and should be available in other regions coming soon. HTC did however mention that they wont be pushing the XE too hard even though it has one speedy processor faster than any other smartphone to date. Instead this will be an option for those music lovers and audiophiles to enjoy should they choose.

First impressions are good so far and I’m really diggin the red accents they’ve added here. The capacitive buttons lighting to red is a bit different than anything we’ve seen thus far, but I actually enjoy it and they look quite neat in dark lit areas. Stay tuned for more details on the Sensation XE with Beats Audio.