We all want a better camera and better video recording. Most of the time the abilities of your smartphone’s camera are limited by its hardware, but in one case, some good old-fashioned hackery makes 1080p recordings on the reliable HTC Sensation much, much higher in quality by easing the compression standard and giving them double the mbps rating. If you’re running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on your Sensation (and if you’re considering this, odds are overwhelming that this is the case) then XDA user NODO-GT has a tweak that you’ll certainly want to try.

The modified Camera app takes decompressed images for higher quality stills as well. There’s even some extra goodies like a 1250 ISO mode for better nightime and indoor shooting, plus uncompressed audio recording, for all the good it does on a tiny microphone. All in all it’s a neat little package that shutterbug Sensation users shouldn’t be without. The sample screenshots from the provided video speak for themselves: the low-quality 10mbps version is below, with the higher quality 20mbps version below that:

There are some downsides, mainly in the file size department: the videos and photos taken with the modified app will be roughly twice the size. On the plus side, it’s available for the stock (Sense 4.0) ROM as well as various popular custom ROMs, so heavy modders aren’t left out in the cold. Since the modification is based on the camera app from Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s unfortunately not compatible with ealrier versions, but a suitably talented modder should be able to adapt it at some point. You’ll need a custom recovery to flash the ZIP modification.

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[via TalkAndroid]